Mobile power is an indispensable thing. How to choose the right mobile power bank?

mobile power

Mobile power capacity

Mobile power capacity ranges from 2000mAh to over 10,000mAh, it’s important to note that they are all 3.7v, so if you are charging something other than 3.7v you need to convert it enough. The capacity will be discounted when charging. For example, the iPhone’s battery power is 1420mAh, but if it is to be filled once, 2000mAh of power is enough.

mobile power

Mobile power weight

A mobile power supply of more than 10,000mAh is about 500g, you may already have more than 1kg of laptop bag, paper and pen, Kindle, some cosmetics and toiletries, etc. More than 500g may be the last straw to break the camel, which leads to your The shoulder can’t bear the weight, you need a backpack that can support 3kg weight instead of transferring weight to the hips. So, it’s enough to think about your needs. Do not use too much capacity and ignore weight.

mobile power

Electric core

Electric core, used to be 18650. It is said that it is not good. As for how bad it is, opinions differ. However, if you start using lithium-ion batteries now, this will be a little better than the 18650. As we all know, battery life is very long. If your mobile power supply with used batteries may soon become obsolete, it will be 300 cycles and capacity will be affected.

Input and output ports

If you have two or more devices, it is best to choose a mobile power supply with two output ports. And, if you have an iPad or Android tablet, you’d better choose one with two output ports, because one of them will be a 2A export. Usually one is 1A and the other is 1.5A or 2A, depending on capacity. If you plug in your mobile power and watch a video or play a game, the charging speed won’t even catch up with your power consumption, which would be very bad.

mobile power

Usually, the mobile power supply can only accept 1A charging input, and the input speed is discounted. The 1A input cannot be fully charged at 1000mAh in one hour. In addition, some mobile power supplies have a 220V plug, so you can save the charger and charging cable and plug it directly into the outlet.

Through function

By function, this means it can be used to charge mobile power while charging other devices from the output port.

wrap up

So, carefully analyze your needs. If you only charge your phone and can charge it every day and night at work and at home, you only need to have enough capacity to charge your phone once or twice. This mobile power supply weighs about 100 grams and is lighter.

If you are traveling and have an iPad, you can consider a mobile power supply that exceeds 10,000mAh. Use your phone and iPad every day and plug in the power pack to charge. In the evening, the iPad charger is plugged into the socket, the Micro USB cable is connected to the mobile power source, and the two ports of the mobile power source are respectively connected to the mobile phone and the iPad for charging. The next morning, when you wake up, all the equipment is fully charged.

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